As Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye built her hair empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized knowledge base with her own curiosity. Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Courtney was no stranger to hard work and self-motivation. She worked hard to help her family from the age of 15 and put herself through the University of Michigan to become a Registered Nurse. However, little did she know where her passion for health and medicine would take her.

Taking to YouTube to document her healthy hair journey, Courtney’s personal healthy hair care journey became her calling, as her viewers watched her amazing progress and yearned for her self-discovered help with their own tresses.

Courtney’s unique healthy product mixes intrigued viewers and quickly garnered her a large following. Her science-based background helped her identify what products and ingredients would render the best results. She happily shared her mixing secrets, but people wanted ready-made products from her. Sensing an opportunity to help other women improve their own hair health, Courtney mixed and packaged her first deep conditioner from home and sold it.

Realizing that her passion for health and unique medical knowledge filled a gap in the hair care community, she decided to go all in with product production, and The Mane Choice Hair Solution was born. Courtney continued the business from her kitchen for one year until the demand for her natural hair care products expanded the business into a small warehouse — which the business outgrew in only two short months. The Mane Choice grew from a home-based hobby into a multimillion dollar business in just two years’ time.

Married with three children, Courtney firmly believes that whatever you put into anything is exactly what you will get out of it. Not only is she a master of juggling and prioritizing to have both a thriving business and family life, but she continuously gives back to the customers that have made her self-made business a lucrative success. Every week she pays a stranger’s bill, submitted to her through her social media.

Through her personal journey she has become an advocate for woman’s empowerment and a sought after speaker to encourage and uplift women especially as it relates to balancing career and family successfully.