ACCELERATE™ Private Business Building & Branding Program

June 24-26th in Orlando, FL.

Build, Brand & Dominate!

It’s time to take things up a notch!

You have been running a successful business but you are ready to make that switch into a new industry...or you want to start your dream business off right!

Trust me, you have what it takes to get your product on the shelf…and I’m going to show you how!

I’m inviting only a select few into my home and into my warehouse operations for a 3 day intense accelerated training.

This will be the most hands on business building live program that exists! 

What are some of actionable things we’re covering?
* Business Concept Ideation
* Business & Brand Identity
* Packaging Concept
* Business Name Creation
* Packaging & Brand Positioning
* Social Media Building
* Securing Trademark
* Obtaining EIN
* Sharing My Business Insurance Provider
* Sharing My Manufacturers
* Sharing My Attorneys
* Sharing My CPA
* Sharing My Copywriters
* Sharing My Website Designers
* Sharing My Graphic Designers
* Sharing My Packaging Designers
* Completing A Go To Market Plan
* Sharing My Contacts
* Sharing My Brokers & Distributors
* I Will Personally Create The BEST Retail Presentation To Secure Retail Placement
* I Will Personally Create A Pitch To Present To Retailers
* How To Find The Perfect Retailers
* Product Formulation & Testing
* I Will Personally Negotiate COG”s with Manufacturers
* EDI Training & Setup
* Inventory Management Software Training
* Logistics
* Shipping
* How To Source Domestically & Internationally
* Create Live Content On The Spot
* Brand Collaborations
* Editorial Contacts
* Public Relations Program
* Campaign Building & Launching
* Quarterly Zoom Call For a Year!
* Promotional Video with Courtney Adeleye
* And MORE!

What others will take years to learn, you will learn in 3 days! After this 3 day training your business will be READY!

Hosted by @CourtneyAdeleye who turned $500 (at home) into over $100,000,000.00 (60k retail locations ) in sales in just 6 years!