Foolproof Body Privacy Protection‚ Cranberry Juice & Cool Peppermint Convenient Pack

Foolproof B Cranberry Juice and Cool Peppermint is a vaginal wash comprehensively formulated by women for women. But now it is available in a travel size! This cleanse refreshes and rejuvenates by being thoroughly enriched with dynamic Cranberry Juice that helps maintain the vagina’s natural acidic PH balance, helping to keep undesired harmful bacteria and yeast overgrowth to a minimum. It is also infused with Cool Peppermint that has strong antimicrobial properties helping to fight vaginal odors and soothes dryness and irritation by aiding in replenishing moisture. This wash is gentle enough for everyday use. You will regain comfort and confidence that will last all day long! Botanical Detoxidant Technology™️