"I had a whole new brand in 4 hours... She really opened my mind up to new possibilities I hadn't even thought of."

Socialite Body Essentials

Selena of Socialite Body Essentials saw her business skyrocket after mentorship with Courtney. She started implementing the strategies discussed with Courtney and completely rebranded her company, which sells natural body products. As a result, she saw a 428% increase in sales in less than a month after re-launch.


What's Included?

As every business has different needs, each one-on-one virtual session with Courtney will be custom-tailored to help your brand succeed right now.

Every intensive session will last 1.5 hour per day and include:

FULL BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: A top-to-bottom deep dive into every nook and cranny of your business concept with Courtney.

REAL-TIME ANALYSIS & REVIEW: An honest and thorough breakdown  of your current business explaining what's working, what needs tweaking and what needs a complete overhaul.

CUSTOMIZED NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS ROADMAP: A personalized action plan broken down into Courtney's proprietary 3-Phase Method. These will be the exact steps to implement in your business for immediate results.


All Sales Final.